Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Brief Reflection on Climate Change

A Brief Reflection on Climate Change

More people are worried about climate change and its devastating impact on their lives than ever before. Many of us have seen the horrible images of weather-related catastrophes on the news. These images are sad to watch because they reflect how the mistreatment of the planet and exploitation of its natural resources has contributed to the problem of climate change. 

Many politicians and policy makers who don’t believe in the science of climate change often deny the fact that the greenhouse effect adds to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, and this is one the major reasons why we are experiencing more weather-related problems. We are being warned by many scientists that life as we know it today is changing. Our ecosystem is being ruined by oil spills, pollution, resource exploitation, and other destructive acts. With our ecosystem in crisis, we need to put the “planet before profit.” Those of us who hear the cry of the Earth cannot ignore the pain that has been inflicted on the planet by greed driven consumerism. Since not enough is being done to protect the planet from exploitation, we all need to get ready for an unknown future.    

No one can predict with certainty what ten years from now is going to look like. There are scientists who believe we are passed the tipping point. Those of us who love and respect the Earth and witness its torment can no longer count on politicians to save our ecosystem or prevent further environmental damage. Humanity cannot solve this problem with the same consciousness that created it. It is time to embrace a new way of dealing with climate change that involves relating to the Earth as a living being with a soul. The Earth is alive and in need of love. We can love the Earth by keeping it in our hearts during meditation. By going within and practicing meditation with the soul of the planet in our hearts, we can trigger a healing energy that can love the Earth back to health.

We need to look deep within our own hearts and look for a new light that can guide us out of the impending doom of climate change. In such a hopeless situation we need to ask for a miracle and open our hearts to a power beyond our ordinary consciousness. 

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